Psychedelements Pack Vol. 1

Psychedelements Pack Vol. 1

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Want to convert your .mp4 files to .LSD files? Make any film a head trip with Psychedelements! Now Remastered!

Motion Elements


Jump from clip to clip with 4 colorful transitions. Alpha files allow you to easily drag on drop above clips

Sound Effects

Musical Scores

5 psychoactive songs to expand your audio library. Cut up, rearrange, or use as is to set the right tone for your project.

Enjoy Yesterday Today!

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Each VCR pack comes with a prize inside! To show our appreciation, we’ve included Funk Tokens with every VCR pack. Look for “Free Funk Tokens” in your pack, and redeem the special discount code at checkout during your next visit to our shop! Thanks for expanding your creative collection with VCR!

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